Layzr create collectible digital trading cards for streamers and their community! It created an gaming and tradingcard based eco-system in which user can collect digital trading cards of their favorite live streamer! Layzr cards can be used to collect, earn rewards or trade!

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Leading the design upfront

I joined as a remote Product Designer while they were working on their MVP. Working for LAYZR was so intimidating for me. For over 4 years, I have been working on startups that are built for fast scaling. I was a bit saturated working on large problems that need to work for everyone. I want to feed my creative mind. So, I was looking for an opportunity where I can challenge my design thinking mindset and build something cool!


- On the tools
- Design Strategy
- Collaboration
- Stakeholder Management
- Holistic user experience
- System & brand consistency

Two round of design

First Validate, Then Grow

In a period of 6 months, I led two rounds of redesign.The first round could be described as a validation stage, identifying major design flaws, developing improvements, and then testing them. The result was LAYZR 1.0, which was released in November 2021.The second round was described as a growth stage, where we put more focus on the visuals and a few advanced features. This process led to the release of LAYZR 2.0 in April 2022.

NFT Thumbnail Design


Strengthen the bond between streamers and viewers

The delivery app eHero - which was on MVP stage struggled to scale alongside the hyper-growth of the company.

Building mechanics that drives viewers to collect NFT

Fundamental usability was challenged, tons of bad reviews with lots of feedback. App reliability and performance issues increased exponentially.

Design Art That Will Appeal to Target Audience

As evaly was growing rapidly, its important to make sure that our users get more smooth and seamless experience while delivering the products.

Connecting the dots

From research findings to design solution

We took a top‐down approach to defining the overall structure of the experience. Sketching and storyboarding, I generated stacks of ideas about the arrangement of UI, functional and data elements, and interactive behaviours. Starting broad, our vision began evolving into something tangible.

Layzr - Design Thinking

Not a Mess, But Exploration
- Design thinking

User Interview on Discord

User Interviews
- On Discord

Layzr - Wireframe

Making the Blueprint
- Wireferame

Style Guide

NFT Design System

Landing Page

Designing for what users want to know, do & feel

In Layzr 1.0, we are more focus of introducing the value proposition of Layzr to our users. We onboarded streamers from all over the world and build gamification where users can compete with one another by collecting trading cards.

Layzr - Landing Page
eHero - Streamers Profile

Trading Card

Collect cards of your favourite streamers

Every streamers has 32 sets of trading card which includes common, rare, super rare. Users can buy box of their streamers and create their collections.


Watch and Win

You don't have to switch between twitch to layzr to watch streaming. You can watch your favourite twitch streamers on layzr and earn free global card every 30 mins non stop.

eHero - Live Streaming
Layzr - Ranking


Be a Super Fan

Every season, The top 3 super fan will earn gift from their favourite streamers.

Round 2

Release of LAYZR 2.0

In LAYZR 2.0, I want to give Layzr a crafty look. With first version, the idea of layzr is validated and tested, so I got some freedom while working on the new look of LAYZR. I had a clear notion how the design will look like with the new design. I wanted to keep the interface simple and minimal, yet colorful as well as playful and attractive. Colors quickly inform the user what he/she can interact with and where the important pieces of information can be found.

Layzr - New Version


Designing to simplify and delight

Layzr has achieved its goal within a short period of time. Users have started to collect the trading cards of their favourite streamers as a way to show their support. Streamers are also promoting Layzr on their channels. Our next goal is to introduce more gamification into the platform, with the aim of reaching 20,000 visitors per month. We are proud to have won the Rising Digital Awards and have seen our unique visitors grow by more than 200% per month.

- 20,000 visitors per month
- Rising Digital Awards Winner
- Unique vistiors grew by more than 200% per month

NFT - Final Design

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