EHero is the delivery service of Evaly Ltd. Evaly, an e-commerce platform that provides on average 30-50k goods and products from every sector to every consumer in Bangladesh. Evaly has other subsidiaries like eFood, eHealth, eKhata.

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Building a mindfulness platform for 20+ million meditators

I was assigned as a Product Designer to build eHero.My role is to implement a design strategy that prioritzed a holistic user experience while maintaining system and brand consistency. To achieve this, we had to gone through from field research, user interviews and lots of collaboration. I also had a product manager who oversaw the process and ensured the quality of the output.We successfully designed a product that met the needs of our users, strengthened our brand recognition, and built trust among our stakeholders.


- On the tools
- Design manager
- Design Strategy
- Management team
- Stakeholder Management
- Holistic user experience
- System & brand consistency

Product Designer - Evaly

Why Redesigning the App?

Struggled to scale alongside the hyper-growth

The delivery app eHero - which was on MVP stage struggled to scale alongside the hyper-growth of the company.

App reliability and performance issues

Fundamental usability was challenged, tons of bad reviews with lots of feedback. App reliability and performance issues increased exponentially.

Smooth and seamless experience

As evaly was growing rapidly, its important to make sure that our users get more smooth and seamless experience while delivering the products.


We started by creating a prototype of the redesigned UX in Figma, incorporating the feedback and insights gathered from user feedback and data analysis. We then started testing the prototype with a small group of users and gathered feedback to refine the design further. We identified the key features and functionalities of the platform that are critical to the user experience, and determined which features are working well and which ones need improvement.

From Inaccurate to Precise

Designing for what users want to know, do & feel

After gathering research data for a UX project, our next step is to analyze the data and use it to inform the design process. We mostly used FigJam to review and analyze the data that we have collected from user research, including user feedback, user behavior data, and other relevant data sources. We started looking for patterns, trends, and insights that can inform the design process by doing empathy mapping, user journey mapping, and so on.

Birds Eye - User Flow

Birds Eye

ehero - User journey Map

Customer Journey Map

In Depth User Flow

High Level UX Workflow

Internal Design Library

Internal Component Library

Design System

Design System - Thumbnail


A few steps to get the users ready

- Educate the user about the functions and benefits of the app, and build confidence and trust, with a focus on improving conversion and retention.
- Collect important information from users in order to provide a better experience and allow for a personalized experience.

Guidelines :
- Keep it short and interactive

ehero - Onboarding
eHero - Subsidairies


A few steps to get the users ready

- Introduce subsidiaries of evaly
- Show order request from each subsidiaries

Usability Heuristics
- Visibility of System Status

- Make the delivery request more accessible.
- Make the online/offline status interactive


Seamless delivery experience

- Making the delivery process seamless
- Improve user experience

Guidelines :
- Users must choose at least one subsidiaries to go online
- Maintain certain rules

Usability Heuristics:
- Consistency and standards
- Recognition rather than recall
- Match between system and the real world

eHero - Delivery Process
eHero - Shifting


More freedom to work

-  Users can choose their shifting according their preferences

Guidelines :
- Make the calendar visible
- Allow Users to swap their shifting

Usability Heuristics :
- User control and freedom

Final Design

Extracting Requirements with Mental Models

We were concerned that the new first-time user experience would cause issues because it was a fundamentally different flow.

In order to de-risk some of our assumptions, we created an early beta version and conducted moderated testing of the designs. To our surprise, not a single participant had trouble with it. The new design resonated well with participants, confirming our intuition around designing for speed.

eHero - Final Design


Positive results and much more to do

The redesign of the Android app has had a positive impact on the delivery experience, at the time of writing (3 months since launch). However, I believe this to be a behaviour change that will reveal over a longer period of time.

eHero - Happy Users
Evaly Logo

"Saif approached the project with a deep understanding of our target audience and business goals. He translate complex requirements into intuitive and user-friendly designs that exceeded our expectations.."

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