I design experiences that
connect user goals with the
product's goals

With over five years of experience,  I have learned one thing, Design is a journey of striving to achieve perfection.

Real design happens in constrained environments with messy dynamics and imperfect outputs. It's a team game where as a Product Designer my responsibility is to extract the right user's problem out of many by collaborating with the team and building a solution that adds value to people's lives and turns each user into a customer.

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Why Work With Me?

Problem Solver, Team Player and A Human Loving Optimist

Design creates behaviour and my ultimate goal as a designer to allow users a good user experience design achieving the product goals.

My work is primarily designing digital products for startups. I use design as a business tool for de-risking ideas and finding product-market fit. My goal is to match founder vision with practical execution and help teams navigate the process of invention with speed, clarity, and calm. I believe great design is much more than beauty and usability. Great design resonates in our emotional roots, and reduces complex systems down into something simple—and yet absolutely unique.

My Process

Ship, Learn, Fix

My design process is focused on speed, prototyping, iteration, and experimentation. I'm known for including users and engineers as my design partners.

I always start with a rapid-fire workshop where we describe your customer, map their journey through your product, uncover pain points and opportunities, and create a UX strategy. Then I break the design work into phases. Each phase includes team brainstorming, prototyping, testing with real customers, and collaborating with engineers.

Legends once said

"Working with Saif was an absolute joy. His ability to take our vision and turn it into a beautiful and functional product was truly impressive. He is communicative, collaborative, and always willing to go above and beyond to ensure we were happy with the final result."

Osman Goni Nahid - CT0, Evaly
Osman Goni Nahid
CTO, Evaly

"When you are ready to transform a big idea into a new product, Saif is an outstanding design and thought partner. He will help you navigate the ambiguity of invention, and he helps to translate your ideas into tangible user experiences that people can see and interact with."

Layzr CEO
Peter Krysta

"Saif is an incredibly passionate designer who is infectious in his enthusiasm for the craft. His UI skills are top-notch and I walked way from our session with a skip in my step. Very excited to his see his career unfold."

Ben Wilkinson
Product Design Lead, Canva

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